This is my blog of things I have written to be read.

Take your time, settle in, grab a pillow and a warm drink. Or a log and a beer; a fixed object on the public transport of your choice; whatever. I hope you enjoy reading these.

I’ve sorted them into:

Fiction — short stories and fragments, that we can call ‘not true’. Although some of them might be true, for some people, in some places, at some times.

Non-Fiction — a mix of narrative non-fiction on a mix of topics.

Poetry — well, inevitable really. I’ll keep it to a minimum.

Some non-fiction work can also be found on my Medium site

And I’m included in the COLP Underground Anthology 2021, available here

A note on pronouns:

The obvious and traditional gender-neutral pronoun is ‘they/them’ and this is also the most preferred non-binary pronoun.

But in story-writing this can become confusing if there are more than one person in the scene. Likewise ‘it/its’ when individuals are interacting with inanimate objects.

Therefore, where gender is either immaterial to the story, or the character is non-binary, I am using the gender-neutral pronouns as next most-preferred by respondents to the world-wide Gender Census: xe/xem/xyr/xyrs/xyrself.

It looks like this on the page:

I went to catch up with my friend, Alex. When I arrived, xe smiled, even though I was late again. I gave xem a hug, and apologised for wasting xyr time. Alex said not to worry, xe was often late, xyrself. I didn’t tell xem my news, until I’d heard all xyrs.

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